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We're on a creative journey to explore and confront the history and social impact of Brownsville, a forgotten community established in 1866 that was nested in Frostburg, Maryland.


Brownsville lives on

Brownsville was founded in the 1860's by Tamer Brown and Elizabeth Jackson. The Brownsville community grew and flourished through the 1950's. By the mid-1950's, Brownsville seems to drop from the oral history. Some children of former Brownsville residents migrate to Park Avenue and we begin to hear those families and generations after reference Park Avenue Community.

Many families from Brownsville still live in Frostburg today. The rich legacy of these families can be easily missed. The Brownsville Project is here to change that. 

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About Brownsville...

Brownsville was a community nested in Frostburg, Maryland. It began with two women of color, Tamar Brown and Elizabeth Jackson. Both were formerly enslave people who purchased and raised homes on neighboring lots.

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Up Next

We're excited to return to the Appalachian Festival, hosted annually by Frostburg State University.  We'll share the story of Brownsville in a theatrical performance on Friday, September 20, 2019 at 3pm.


Sep 20, 2019

Frostburg State University Appalachian Festival

 3-4pm|FSU Upper Quad (field behind Old Main)| Frostburg, MD

FREE and open to the public!


Oct 5, 2019

Frostburg State University Alumni Weekend

 11am-1pm|FSU Dunkle Hall Room 218| Frostburg, MD

Tickets available at ticket office in Lane Center | Public: $15 | FSU Students: $10


Oct 17, 2019

American Folklore Society Annual Meeting

8-10pm|Hyatt Regency - Inner Harbor | Baltimore, MD

Open to annual meeting attendees only


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Telling our story

Right now, the Brownsville Project is primarily focused on telling the forgotten history of Brownsville, MD. We're eager to hear from Frostburg, MD residents and Brownsville descendants who either want to learn more or help share the history of Brownsville . 

There's a Brownsville story in every town.

If you would like help sharing forgotten or suppressed history, please contact us.



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