Our Mission

We help communities uncover and flourish from suppressed history and its impact to the present.


Some pieces of history are suppressed. These pieces of history are thought to be outmoded, obscure, or too traumatic to remember. We disagree. These missing pieces of history fill the gaps and help us better understand how we’ve arrived at the present. 

We examine our past to better plot our future.


We hold all of the pieces.

To understand the present, we must account for all of the past, especially the pieces that do not favor us.

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Accountability is not exclusively equal to culpability.

An individual is not defined by the actions, past or present, of the cultural groups to which they belong, but an individual must examine their proximity to those groups and account for how the actions of those groups either affect or are impacted by others.

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Restoration for all, instead of some

Examining the past must be restorative and for the betterment of everyone in the community. This means uplifting historically suppressed voices and forgoing punitive measure to find tenable healing for the community.